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About Chennai

When life becomes tedious and exhausting, then you need to skip a few days from the daily routine and plan a holiday to some special & relaxing place like Chennai. Check out online its plenty of attractions and healthy environment which would really recharge your batteries and force you to book a flight to Chennai. Its neither primeval nor completely modern, but a great fusion of both the worlds. Starting off as a small beautiful fishing village Madras was renowned by the British who completed it into a commercial center. The industrial development that started then continues still and magical Chennai is now the "Detroit of the South". The city is fascinating to visitors for the matchless maze of all odds it has to offer.

Interesting Facts About Chennai

  • Chennai's Marina Beach is the second longest beach in the world.
  • The Vandalur Zoo located in Chennai was the first zoo in India and one of the biggest in South Asia.
  • Chennai is the origin of South Indian cinema.
  • Chennai is believed and voted to be one of the safest cities to live in India.
  • Chennai is the cultural capital of India.
  • Kathipara flyover which is unique in design, clover leaf shaped flyover in Guindy is the largest in Asia.
  • Chennai is the merely Indian city to be attacked during World War 1.

What to see in Chennai

Marina Beach

Marina Beach is definitely the first choice for everyone that always remains on top of the list of sightseeing’s of Chennai. This beautiful second longest beach in the world offers large stretch of silver sand where one can relish a great walk along the seashore. With magnificent Sunrise and sun set views you can enjoy fishing, swimming, wind surfing and beach volley ball.

Semmozhi Poonga

Semmozhi Poonga offers a great peaceful escape from the baking sun and it is surely a treat for your eyes tired watching manmade buildings. The park was opened in the end of 2010. The well-maintained beautiful gardens have over 500 varieties of plants and trees from all parts of the world.

The Huddleston Gardens of Theosophical Society

The aim behind the setting up a Theosophical society is to build universal brotherhood where there is no dissimilarity among human beings. The spirit of the society is to blend and balance the best of teachings of all religions to uplift the quality of humanity and its power. This place lifts your soul. The vast library inside the campus has great collections of more than two lakh books.

Arignar Anna Zoological Park

Arignar Anna Zoological Park, established in the year 1855 is the first ever zoo in India. The huge 510-hectare zoo has over 170 species of wildlife. Some of the wildlife found here includes tiger, panther, hyena, lion, elephants and many more. You can also enjoy elephant rides and lion safaris here.

Pulicat Lake

Pulicat Lake is a ‘must visit’ attraction if you are in Chennai. Chennai is not a green place so it is not easy to get closer with nature. Hence, taking a time away to be at Pulicat Lake would be a great idea. One can enjoy boat rides here while at boat, you are allowed to indulge in fishing.

Kapaleeswarar Temple

Kapaleeswarar Temple is one of the oldest and famous temples in the city. It is yet not clear that who built the temple. Listening songs by Nayanmars, it is supposed that Kapaleeswarar Temple was built by Pallava Kings during the 7th century. You will love to explore Dravidian style of sculpture and architecture.

National Art Gallery

Artists would love this place as it has on exhibit some of the ancient paintings and handicrafts that date back to 11th century. The Rock and Cave Art Gallery here offers exciting things with the setting of caves looking natural and with amenities such as Tran slides, interactive Son-et-lumiere and touch screen in the caves to make the session interesting.

Connemara Public Library

The library houses reference room, periodic hall and a video room. It has impressive collection of books and they cater to the needs of the number of students and professors alike. Do you know? This library is among the four National Depository Libraries in India that receives copies of all books, newspapers, periodicals published in India.

Little Mount Shrine

Little Mount Shrine has a rich history record connected with it. The lack of attention in preserving significant historical structures and monuments is evident here too as you can see a rock that holds St. Thomas’ footprints, which was not given much attention earlier to preserve it for next generation’s view. It is a worth a visit if you want to experience glimpse of past with pleasant surroundings.

Sri Parthasarathy Temple

One of the famous historical places in Chennai is this oldest temple which is visited every year by god lovers and peace seekers. Dedicated to Lord Krishna, one can see its fine coloured gopuram distant from the other shrines that place within the temple grounds.

Guindy National Park and Snake Park

The only national park to be found in the middle of a city, Guindy is a habitat for many birds, animals and reptiles. On visiting this place one can witness blackbucks, tortoise, spotted deer, jackals and the likes. The snake park is dwelling to cobras and pythons, while the enchanting birds found here include quail, partridge, fly catcher and buzzards.

Lip smacking cuisine of Chennai

Chennai is renowned for its mouth-watering South Indian cuisine, which is totally poles apart from North Indian cuisine but is equally famous. Right from the dosa, idli, vada and idiyappam to uttapam and uppuma, Chennai supplies delicious dishes for all the food lovers. Here you will find good number of veg restaurants in Chennai serving lavish meals. If you love to have non-veg Chettinad dishes like Chettinad Pepper Chicken that is a specialty of Tamil Nadu.

Chennai families do not like to have food outside but the scene is changing slowly. Entry of good number of Indian and International restaurants has changed the mindset of people and they have started relishing different cuisines outside. The best places where you can taste some authentic food in a traditional style are Karaikudi and Saravana Bhavan.

How to get around in Chennai

Getting around the Chennai city often takes time, due to heavy traffic on roads, mainly because of construction work going on of Chennai Metro. So it is advisable to plan your journey accordingly.

Chennai has a suburban train network which has four routes.

Metropolitan Transport Corporation buses are the best means of transport accessing areas which are not accessed by the suburban trains. These are government buses and extremely cheap.

Normally Bus Fare in MTC vary from Indian rupee 3 - Indian rupee 50. Deluxe and A/C Buses are also available on major routes.

Where to shop in Chennai

For shopaholics Chennai would be a treat. You can bargain for prices everywhere; except for international brands and for some items that come with fixed price, you may not have a competitive advantage. Right from contemporary and traditional artwork to readymade garments antiques, designer jewellery, and more, you can get all here. When we talk about shopping in Chennai, do not forget to buy special to the city such as metal works from Tanjavur, pattamara mats including silks from Kanchipuram, leaf and palmyra-fiber handicrafts from Tirunellveli, stone carvings from Mamallapuram, and more. Government Emporiums have lot to offer if you are looking for conventional items and handicrafts. Spencer Plaza in South India is the largest shopping complex and offers a one-stop shopping solution.

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