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Western Australia

Western Australia Attractions Popular Sightseeing Guide

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

You say Holiday, we say Australia.

The overwhelming benefits of vacation cannot be overlooked when it comes to rejuvenating the soul and mind. Whether you like cosy winters, sunny summers or falling leaves tempt you, every season is perfect for a dream vacation here.

We promise to make your vacation in Australia stress-free, spirited, electrifying and outstanding. Once in your lifetime, get your hands on Western Australia tourist places.

Holiday in Western Australia is like exploring top-loved heritage-listed sites, natural parks, wildlife creatures, beaches and street markets.

Life is short and should be lived to the fullest. Hence, stop avoiding vacations as it can be detrimental to your health and wellness.

While vacationing in Australia, make sure you cover Western Australia tourist attractions and bring back lots of captured moments and memories.

  • Cottesloe Beach: “Cott”, as referred to by the locals, is counted amongst the top attractions in Western Australia. Within 20 minutes from Perth city, you can reach here via public transport. A whole day can be spent here enjoying water, sand, eating and boozing. This place is covered with popular eateries and boozing places, satiating your hunger and thirst at the same time. Get amazed with the laid-back surf and aquamarine water of the beach and have a fantastic picnic with a loved one. In our opinion, you will get to experience a huge natural water park here. A good Sunday can be spent here at OBH (Ocean Beach hotel) and get a chance to make new friends at a beer party.

  • Kings Park: When in Perth, make sure you cover the scenic beauty of Kings Park. From worldwide tourists from different corners of the world to its natives, enjoy this top tourist attraction. Amongst many Western Australian places to visit, you can add this destination to your bucket list. Explore the blend of European and Aboriginal heritage in the entire garden. Precisely, it is recognised in the big horticulture field due to scientific and conservation efforts, enjoy every bit of it. DNA Tower is the focal point of the garden, perfect for your Instagram and Facebook feed.

  • Fremantle Markets: Australians love to pay a visit here to experience the aura of this street market in Perth. This market is listed among the must-see places in Western Australia. Highly popular bazaar where you can witness quite a rush on the weekends. From local souvenirs to handcrafted products, from fresh and local produce to electric atmosphere, do you need more convincing reasons for visiting? The good news is that there is no entrance fee, so get your plan ready for a perfect family outing and do lots of shopping.

  • Cape Le Grand National Park: When it comes to picking the iconic attraction of the city of Esperance, Cape le Grand ends your quest. Within half an hour from east of Esperance, you can reach the land of incredible creatures. Fascinating home of Pygmy Possums, Western Gray Kangaroo and rolling heathlands. Undeniably, this national park is far better than most Western Australia tourist attractions. From day outings to night-camping, a complete day could be spent here while playing with them. These camps are non-powered, offering gas barbecues, picnic tables, camp kitchens facilities. Entrance fees to be paid based on your stay (short or long).

  • Lucky Bay: Western Australia tourism is popular for beauty and serenity. One attraction that is highly recommended for exploring is Lucky Bay in Esperance. The impressive wide bay area in Cape Le Grand National Park is ornate with granite outcrops and a white sand beach. Hundreds of Kangaroos stay at the beach and allow visitors to play and enjoy with them. Never-seen views of the friendliest and tamest Kangaroos in the entire world is assured here. From dusk to dawn, any time of the day can be celebrated here with beach, sand and sun. Make sure you witness the spectacular beauty of both the sunrise and sunset.

  • Wylie Bay Rock: Want to choose one of the eye-pleasing things to see in Western Australia? Wrap up your picnic basket and begin your journey for Wylie Bay Rock. A crazy sunset view from Wylie Bay Rock over the horizon will blow your mind, for sure. Curved rock allows the best point to view the magic of sunset after having a fun-filled day of adventures. From professional photographers to social media bloggers, from romantic couples to just-friends, this attraction has got you covered.

  • Ivanhoe Crossing: There are lots of places to visit in Western Australia, but Kununurra is majestic. Crossing the Ord River is one of the popular activities to do when in Kununurra. A concrete causeway is made over the river, which makes the crossing possible for holidaymakers. As the river flows all year round, the crossing becomes quite challenging during the wet season, when the water level is high. Highlights of this place are watching the rough waters, catching fish or spending a delightful picnic day.

  • Mirima National Park: Home to abundant wildlife like brittle red peaks, bats, dingoes, spinifex and gorgeous baobab trees, this national park is a much-loved attraction for vacation. Tourists must add this to their travel itinerary with other Western Australia holiday destinations. This area is highly appreciable for its gorgeous fauna and can be explored at any time of the day. For hikers, tracks are incredible with lots of bushes and stunning views of Kimberley. With various accommodation options available nearby, you can plan to stay overnight. Enjoy an unforgettable night after spending a hectic day at the park.

Wrapping up!

Investing in a vacation means investing in your well-being. Once a vacation in a year keeps the medical bills at bay. So, why think about it? Go get yourself the periodic dose of holidays.

To ease your holiday burden and keep your zest alive for packing and shopping, you can opt for vacation planning services. There are smart holiday planning companies that help you plan the best places to visit in Western Australia.

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