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Vancouver Attractions 7 Best Places to See in Vancouver

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

Vancouver is an incredible place to explore the mountains, stunning nature, liveliness, and whatnot. People visit Vancouver for multiple reasons which are not limited to just shopping, eating, or hiking. It rather offers everything a traveller may have on the bucket list. It is the one-of-a-kind friendly and heart-warming place where you will find open-minded and helpful people. Vancouver has no shortage of museums, shopping streets, flea markets and you would enjoy the most amazing weather. Compared to the rest of Canada, Vancouver has the perfect weather for living, wandering, and touring.

Summers or winters, here is the list of fantastic things to see and do while exploring Vancouver and its nearby locations. Check out the below-mentioned places and create your travel itinerary to closely experience the adventures.

  • Granville Island: If you are planning a visit to Vancouver, then Granville Island should be at the top of the list. Whether you are looking for fun activities or a local market, this place offers everything for your leisure. Many famous and stylish restaurants can be found to spend casual evenings if you feel like refuelling after tireless shopping. Apart from unique shopping and eating experiences, this place is the electric blend of musical shows and street performances. Lastly, don’t forget to have fun at the rental boat that takes you around the scenic English Bay. You can witness whales too while enjoying an unforgettable sea kayaking adventure.

  • Richmond: When it comes to top Vancouver tourist places, Richmond beats everything else. There’s nothing that you can’t enjoy. From eating to dancing, from shopping to exploring the beauty, Richmond offers incredible vacation vibes to everyone. You can experience stunning nature and an immaculate multicultural essence at Richmond to delight your senses. Incredible weather offers plenty of choices to enjoy waterfront activities. From whale watching to sea lions, and orcas, experience everything that you won’t regret. Don’t forget to explore two mesmerizing National Historic Sites in Richmond. Moreover, these places are the best spots to sit and relax before moving forward to the next adventure.

  • Stanley Park: In Vancouver, Stanley Park is the first, largest and highly loved urban park. Hence, if you are finding one of the Vancouver tourist attractions, Stanley Park is your pick. Wonderfully situated in the middle of the urban countryside of Vancouver, B.C., it houses an opulent and glorious green oasis. This place is stretched around 400-hectare meters and offers you natural West Coast rainforest. Get the magnificent scenic view of mountains, water, trees and sky and the famous Seawall. Stanley Park is the hub of adventure from local wildlife to delicious eateries, historical landmarks to beautiful beaches. Also, there is Canada’s largest aquarium in this park. So, plan your visit from 6 AM to 10 PM wisely to enjoy every bit of this place.

  • Grouse Mountain: Vancouver travel is incomplete without exploring the famous attraction which is Grouse Mountain. There are several things to do at any time of the year such as Skyride, exploring wildlife, theatre in the sky and eye of the wild. Dining and mountain zip lines are the most popular things to do at Grouse Mountain. If you are planning to visit during summers, paragliding, Skyride surfing, golfing and family-friendly entertainment shows are worth exploring. For winters, night skiing, ice skating, sleigh rides and snowshoeing are popular activities to do. Famous Skyride offers jaw-dropping views of B.C. to explorers, make sure you won’t miss this fun.

  • Kitsilano Beach: Who doesn’t love the beach? Beaches attract people of all ages. One of the incredibly famous Vancouver tourist spots is Kitsilano beach. The famous sandy beach offers picturesque views of English Bay, the city, and the North Shore Mountains. From kids to youngsters to adults, this place can offer fun and entertaining vibes to anyone. Here, you can see kids having fun in the sand, youngsters playing volleyball or people just hanging out. When the city hits summers, people use this beach for swimming and having beach parties. Kitsilano Beach is not limited to water and sand, it has around 10 basketball and tennis courts and a Boathouse restaurant. From May to October, the beach's famous market runs on Sunday from 10 am to 2 pm. Make sure you plan your visit accordingly to make the most of it.

  • Capilano Suspension Bridge: Vancouver tourism offers a lot and here’s another famous place to visit that is Capilano Suspension Bridge. So many things are there to see and do at this Bridge so make sure you add this into your travel itinerary. It’s located outside downtown Vancouver where anyone can reach easily. There are no time restrictions to experience the adventure of this place as it operates year-round. Above 70-meters high from Capilano Bridge, this bridge is an incredible sight. It bounces and sways, so be ready for action as it hovers. Since this place is incredibly famous, plan your visit early to avoid crowds especially. Fun is not limited to only crossing the bridge, another thing that waits for you is The Treetops adventure. This place promises to deliver a stunning new perspective of the forest.

  • English Bay: Vancouver travel itinerary should include English Bay destinations to make the most of the vacation in B.C. This place is a combination of mind-blowing views, a chilling atmosphere, and gorgeous beaches. From visitors to locals, everyone loves to visit here and enjoy their time with friends and families. You can cover English Bay along with Stanley Park, another attraction that could be easily covered in one day. Don’t miss out on the fun at delicious eating places which are open to serve you from dusk to dawn. This place is a hotspot during summers as it offers great pleasure for swimming, picnics and suntanning. Also, you can find a comfortable and sophisticated place for your stay at English Bay. From accommodating to eating, from partying to water fun activities, all can be done in a single place.

Well, you can always reach out to any travel company when it comes to planning a holiday in Vancouver. These companies offer budget-friendly deals on holiday packages. So, make sure you grab the best offer for a Vancouver holiday without breaking your bank balance.

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