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Unexplored and Untouched beauty of New Castle Australia

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

Enthusiastic about new and unique places? Well, here is good news for you. Australia is filled with amazing destinations, assuring great fun and excitement. In today’s high paced era, it has become essential to go on a perfect getaway to unwind yourself. Spend a beautiful holiday with your loved ones by exploring the hidden gems of Australia!

Whether it’s a day off or a long weekend, anyone can plan a good holiday time. Hence, staying locked up at home isn’t an option, step out and create some beautiful lifetime memories.

New Castle is one of the popular cities in the Australian state of NSW. It is just two hours drive from Sydney, and you will get your hands on a bunch of surprises. From the bright sun to cool surfing, appetizing culinary spots and a lot more to exceed your expectations.

Let’s introduce you to some gorgeous and immaculate places that will satiate your holiday hunger.

The Lock-Up: If you are a fan of creative arts then Lock-Up is the place to be. Situated at 90 Hunter St, Newcastle, this place is a hub of innovative exhibitions and gripping performances that will leave you craving for more.

Glenrock Lagoon: The secret gem located in NSW is suitable for every age group. From taking a stroll while admiring the beauty of the landscape, to enjoying the mesmerizing sounds of the waterfall, you will have plenty of opportunities to get your fascinating Instagram shots. This place offers an unimaginably fun weekend with your family.

The Station New Castle: One of the popular destinations for a great time at Corner Scott Street & Watt Street is The Station NC. Here, you will get to experience the charm of live music, the wilderness of weekend markets and pop-ups of retail and workshops. A must-visit place for the big Friday feat as well.

Bogey Hole: A picturesque and relaxing getaway destination located in York Drive is the new go-to destination for Instagram and TikTok influencers. The beautiful long-stretched coastline built in the 1800s promises a good adventure close to the heart of the ocean.

Stockton Beach: All I need is some vitamin SEA! Admire the serene Stockton beach from across the Hunter River in the north. Spend a beachy-kinda day here and wash all your concerns and tension away at once. This famous beach offers wholesome family fun. Adults can relish the calmness of sun, sand and water while kids spend their time in a new adventure playground.

New Castle Museum: This place is for people interested in history, art and culture. If you want to know about the city’s historical journey from typical beginnings to modernity, you can witness it all here at 6 Workshop Way, Newcastle. You can spend a perfect holiday with family here, as there is so much to learn and discover. Also, make sure you watch the six minutes BHP steelmaking show, which featuring entertaining history about the past of steelmaking.

Fort Scratchley: Another iconic place to discover in Newcastle East is Fort Scratchley. In 1882, the fort was constructed to save the city from a possible Russian attack. This fort has now turned into a museum, where you can get guided tours about the fort's history and heritage. People really like visiting this fascinating historical site to have a beautiful yet insightful outing. Moreover, a tour around 11:30 in the morning is highly recommended because the famous time signal cannon is fired around 1 pm. Make sure you plan your trip accordingly to make the most out of it.

The Hunter Valley: If wine fascinates you, then this place will entice you with more than 150 wineries. You can enjoy a short drive of 45 minutes from New Castle and reach the old wine region. From world-famous Semillon to Chardonnay, from Shiraz and Cabernet Sauvignon, every wine is produced here. Book a winery tour and savour some of the best wines produced in Australia. Follow this by dinner at one of the mouth-watering restaurants. Besides that, don’t forget to incorporate some relaxation and fun by booking a massage session at the spa!

Lake Macquarie: Another short drive destination from New Castle is Lake Macquarie, the largest saltwater lake in Australia – bonus points, it’s surrounded by MOUNTAINS! These forty minutes drive to the lake is splendid and will add a different charm to your trip. This trip promises immense pleasure with water activities like fishing, kayaking, boating, stand up battle boarding and a lot more. You can finish your day relaxing at the shore setting up barbeques and chit-chatting with your buddies.

Don’t Miss Pub Crawl: Well, who does not love beer? So, if you are in New Castle you would not want to miss out on one of the iconic pub crawls. Trust us, the trip is incomplete without it. For all beer lovers, this can be a once in a lifetime opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the beer industry. Since New Castle’s brewery fuss is gaining great popularity, you obviously wouldn’t want to miss the fun. From beer sampling to learning about food pairing, everything about this place will leave you pleased.

In a nutshell, the above-mentioned destinations are worth spending some quality time with anyone you like. Life is too short to just stay in one place, watching TV and eating snacks. So, if you appreciate the value of travelling and exploring the world, then you should pay your visit to any of the above places. You will have a great experience.

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