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Singapore Tourism and Top Attractions Best Tourist Spots in Singapore

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

There are plenty of reasons to visit Singapore and witness its diversity and liveliness. The island is very different from its neighbouring countries, offering culinary experiences to tourists from across the globe. English, Tamil, Mandarin and Malay; these four official languages are spoken widely on the island.

In addition to this, tourists find several famous Singapore tourist places for their entertainment.

Several hawker centres and the famous infinity pool, there’s no way that you skip Singapore from the Asia travel bucket list. Restaurants, bars, gardens, zoos, architecture and a lot more are there to make your holiday experience splendid. We have covered a must-visit destinations list in this article for your Singapore tourism leisure. Whenever you are planning to visit Singapore, make sure you cover most of all.

  • Art Science Museum: The exceptional museum of Singapore is situated at Marina bay sands, which is fantastically designed by architect Moshe Safdie. Here, in this museum, the visitors will find an extraordinary blend of art and science. The amazing interplay between art and science makes it a must-see destination for anyone visiting Singapore. The symbol of Singapore, the Art science museum contains 21 natural galleries, a pond and displays views of the famous downtown. The museum renovated its permanent exhibition Future world, offering worldwide visitors to discover a high-tech collection of digital installations. There are sections on marine biology, palaeontology, particle physics, robotics, space exploration and many more to fulfil your science fantasy.

  • Merlion Park: Singapore tourism welcomes tourists worldwide and Merlion park is the perfect spot to begin the adventure in the city. Half-fish, half-lion shaped statue is the city’s prominent icon, offering tourists a 360-degree view of the soaring skyline. In addition, they can witness the amazing beauty of the world’s famous structures covering Marina Bay. The merlion is known to be the mythical symbol of the island and is extremely famous amongst tourists for photos. Vacationers stand in front of the 8.7 metres tall statue and enjoy the sound of the fountain and water. There is no fee to see the Merlion statue. Moreover, you will find amazing cafes, restrooms, and souvenir shops all around the place. Early morning and late evenings are the recommended times to enjoy this attraction as it is not very busy.

  • Gardens By The Bay: Singapore travel is incomplete without the surreal charm of gardens by the bay attraction. Man-made beautiful attractions, making the city shine bright around the world. This place was developed to transform the city into a “City in a Garden”. 25 towering man-made supertrees, biodomes, and the largest glass greenhouse in the world, all can offer you unforgettable experiences. You can wander the world’s largest glass greenhouse here and become a part of events to have an exceptional experience. Everyone can easily spend a whole day here by exploring different species of trees and vegetables. Also, they can bring home some plants too. From families to couples and kids, this is the perfect iconic destination to enjoy a vacation in the city.

  • Universal Studios Singapore: One of the most recommended Singapore tourist attractions is Universal Studios. Amongst many Asian countries, Universal Studios is ranked amongst the topmost fun and adventurous amusement parks. There are seven themed zones in the park, bringing utmost fun to the visitors while they create crazy memories. If you have a thing for crazy roller coaster fun, then experience the thrill of the world’s tallest daring ride. From the live music shows to Battlestar and Galactica attractions, you can find a fun-filled day at this amusement park. After having fun at the park, explore some eateries to satiate your hunger. Savour the most delicious meals served at chef Sam Leong’s rainforest-themed restaurant. Don’t miss the fireworks and electric parade at Universal Studios.

  • Sentosa Island: Singapore travel brings immense pleasure when it comes to vacationing. Like many other tourist attractions, Sentosa Island is another beautiful destination for your travel experience. You will find here the most gorgeous beaches, luxurious resorts and exciting spots to experience the thrill of your vacation. Amazing Sentosa Skyline Luge is an open-air-cable-driven chairlift, taking tourists from mainland Singapore to Sentosa Island, offering exceptional views. Well, it’s another man-made wonder in Singapore and here you can also experience nature with Singapore Butterfly and insect kingdom. Sentosa Nature Discovery is another thing to do on the Island and is suitable for everyone like couples and kids. If you have a thing for golfing, then visiting Sentosa Island Golf Club resort is a good idea.

  • Singapore Zoo: Amongst several zoos, Singapore Zoo will steal your attention. It has been counted amongst the best places to witness nature and happy animals. While exploring the zoo, you will get a glimpse of the history of Singapore and its incredible transformation. The tropical jungle looked zoo has colourful flowers, lush green shrubs, and soaring leafy trees all over it. Even birds and monkeys always enjoy the fun at tall trees and vines (natural). It's a beautiful home for them to live and enjoy freely without any worry. People love to visit here with kids and enjoy most of their time enjoying the wild. Most of the animals are not caged, which is the best part of the zoo. These wild animals are enclosed under fences, roaming comfortably in their areas and entertaining the tourists as well. From big-ticket animals like lions, crocodiles to some endangered animals like rhinos, white tigers, the Singapore zoo covers it all.

Singapore tourist spots are world-famous and have been evolving, reinventing and reimagining themselves constantly to offer the best vacation experience. When it comes to travelling, travel companies can offer attractive and affordable packages for your vacation. Exploring the new place comes in handy when all the vacation needs are catered to well by a travel agent. From transfers to hotels from attractions to entrance fees, all these things are mostly covered in your tour package. So, you can enjoy the vacation hassle-free, rest all the things will be taken by travel companies. Book your Singapore travel package now and enjoy it to the fullest.

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