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Queensland 8 Amazing Places for your Next Holiday

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

Vacation conjures dreams of enthralling amusement, relaxation and rejuvenation. Travelling through the world, witnessing the gorgeous beautiful destinations and making countless memories.

If you haven’t planned your dream vacation yet, we have an amazing destination waiting for you. Queensland, Australia, has the most mesmerizing and immaculate places to discover.

We can assure you that spending a holiday in Queensland will satiate your vacation hunger.
From beaches to mountains and islands, you can make your peace with the following best places to visit in Queensland.

  • Kangaroo point cliffs: Though there are several Queensland places to visit, Kangaroo point cliffs could be your ideal first attraction in Brisbane. Alongside the Brisbane River, this place offers both indoor and outdoor fun. Apart from being famous, this place is listed on the Heritage list too. The place is easily accessible; thus, anyone can spend time here, hassle-free. People also climb the rocks at cliffs, have picnics with families at some elegant gardens and host BBQs as well. Additionally, you can explore one of the steepest hills of the city, Ellis Street, along with the Mormon temple.

  • Sea World: Though there are numerous Queensland holiday destinations, everyone’s favourite is the Gold Coast. If you are lucky enough to cover Gold Coast in Australia, do not ditch Sea World. The largest marine park in Australia offers enjoyment for every age group of people. Here, you will sense the real closeness with playful dolphins and sea lions. We promise that Jet ski stunts will blow your mind away. Several highlights are listed like: penguin feeding shows, shark and tropical fish displays followed by the charm of polar bears. Take the monorail to discover the overview of the park.

  • Noosa National Park: When holidaying in Sunshine Coast, make sure not to miss its natural jewels, the Noosa National Park. From 9,800 acres of paperbark forests to rainforest to heathlands and prestigious beaches, all are covered here in the park. Pay your visit to Noosa Headland Section, since it is a popular one. Other highlights are long 15kms stretched hiking trails and scenic coastal tracks (especially recommended for first-time explorers). With plentiful Queensland tourist attractions, we guarantee that you will be blessed with a one-of-a-kind adventure.

  • Fitzroy Island: Since there are ample places to go in Queensland, Cairns holds both tropical and touristy vibes indeed. Those who are looking for both island and beach kind of fun, hop onto 45 minutes ferry from Cairns and step into this paradise. This destination is ideal for spending a whole day with friends and families, enjoying the serenity of sun and sand. Before visiting, make sure you pack your essentials like a swimsuit, sunglasses, hats and sunscreen. There you can enjoy kayaking, snorkelling and swimming, followed by a picnic lunch and glass-bottom boat tour.

  • Castle Hill: You cannot skip this beautiful destination, Townsville in Queensland. It is counted among the top Queensland places to visit. Once you are here, make sure you include Castle Hill in your travel itinerary. City’s highly gorgeous landmark allows you to witness never-seen-before 360-degree views from its peak. Walking paths across the hills fascinate hikers to hike the trails till the highest point. Although the driving option is available, walking adds more fun to your holiday. Perhaps you are not familiar, but this hill holds a strong history and it survived the destruction during the Second World War. Now it is recommended under the unique places to visit in Queensland.

  • Warner Bros, Movie World: Have you ever been to any theme park based on Movie world with your children? Well, if your answer is no then, next time you can plan your holiday at Warner Bros, which is one of the captivating Queensland holiday destinations for families. Here, all your child’s fantasies of comics and movies would be fulfilled, and your kid will love you for this. Families love spending their whole day meeting with Batman on the street or eating big candy floss together. Never-ending fun at the scooby-doo house and movie-themed thrill rides will make your day unforgettable. Also, treat your tummy with a feel of butterflies while having a ride over the world’s first non-inverted loop, rollercoaster, the hypercoaster.

  • Lake McKenzie: Take a moment from your regular activities and explore Queensland secret spots. Let’s take you to the remarkable destination in Australia, Fraser Island, known as the largest sand island on Earth. This place has a plethora of islands to explore, but Lake McKenzie is highly popular amongst tourists. A beautiful yet secret swim spot where you can find the dazzling white view. FYI, if you have any jewellery which needs to be cleaned, wash it with pure silica sand. This will turn them as shiny as new. Not at all kidding here!

  • Eungella National Park: Well, if you are still discovering must-visit attractions in Queensland, don’t you dare miss Mackay. It’s a land of hikes, beaches, wildlife and whatnot. It’s hiking-boot-o-clock. Yes, if you haven’t used your hiking boots in a while, why not try a long stretched sub-tropical forest. This Park is densely packed with 860 plant species and 230 bird species. All you can explore with hiking along the gorgeous walking tracks. Fortunately, the iconic platypus can be seen diving and dipping under the crystal-clear water of Broken River. Enjoy a small getaway with family or friends accompanied by admiring the real beauty of nature.

Let’s sum up our research for the never-seen and undiscovered places to travel in Queensland. Get your bags ready, since this vacation is exactly what needs to be planned as early as possible. No matter if you are a beach lover, mountain thrill-seeker, or family vacationer, these above-mentioned places will fulfil the true desire for vacation.

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