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Laws to travel around the world

Jan 10, 2020 / Category : destination

The traveler within you gets so thrilled during the trip that sometimes travels disaster might hit you unexpectedly. Things that you were doing as a traveler in that country could be the one on their illegal list. So, avoid ending up either in jail or paying a hefty fine by reading up on some little known laws from countries around the world. 

Did you know? In Switzerland, it’s illegal to flush a toilet in an apartment apart at 10 pm not only this, you cannot hike naked, and lot more. It's weird but true. Just like this, there are certain laws that you are unaware of. Before packing your bags, make sure you do your research and be aware of the things that abide by the law. Below are just a few laws from around the world, be mindful of your duties as a traveler. 

    Before looking at the unknown laws, here are some basic laws you should know while traveling in any country.

  • Carry your passport wherever you go and keep sight of the expiry date of your passport. You cannot enter some countries unless your passport has a validity of six months.
  • Generally, in countries such as Cuba, United Arab Emirates, where visas are required, you must have travel insurance.

    Moving onto the obvious laws which almost every country has in common:

  • The possession, use, or trafficking of drugs in any of the ways, will be a call for lengthy sentences and fines. 
  • Driving under the influence of alcohol, so be prepared for random breath testing of the driver’s blood-alcohol level.

    The laws which you might be aware of, but little tweaked laws won’t go well along with your trip.

  • Talking about the drugs, In UAE and Singapore, the presence of drugs in your blood or urine implies possession, regardless of place or time of consumption. 
  • Spitting is an illegal act in most countries, but not everywhere you pay a fine for it. Apart from Barcelona, even in Singapore, fine’s on you. You spit, You Pay! Adding to, Singapore’s law chewing gum and smoking in public areas will also end you up dealing with the legal authorities. 
  • Although it's advisable to carry your passport all the time no matter where you fly in Japan and Brazil, you cannot take a chance to miss it out even for a second.

    Be cautious even a little ignorance might be a call to legal authorities. It's always important to know the laws of the country you plan to visit, so peep into these unknown laws and be prepared for your upcoming trip.

  • Don’t honk while driving. Yes, unlawful honking in the city of New York will charge you a fine.
  • Smile always. In a city like Milan, smiling face is what people appreciate frowning is an illegal act over there. Frowning is only admired during a funeral.
  • Preserving monuments and historic sites in Greece, it's illegal to wear high heels at archeological sites. Make sure to put on your shoes or flats before you visit these sites.
  • Currency, always treated with respect all over the world, but in Thailand, if you step on any Thai currency unknowingly, it's discourteous and illegal. With this, criticizing the king or members of the royal family is not going to do anything good to you.
  • Maintaining the dignity of the United Arab Emirate's culture, eating, drinking, or smoking during the time of Ramadan is considered illegal. Marking the Ramadan dates on your calendar is suggested before you plan your trip. Respecting their culture, keep in mind that public displays of affection such as hugging, kissing, or even holding hands might get you behind bars.
  • Driving with headlights on even during the daytime is one of the exceptional laws in Denmark that you should know.
  • Whistle a song or sing a song, the city of Petrolia in Ontario has a rule of no yelling, shouting, whistling, or singing to limit the extensive noise. Not to forget about climbing trees in public parks of Toronto, you are going to pay because you aren’t a squirrel.
  • Feed pigeons and feel good, not everywhere. Just like exceptions in chemistry, cities like Venice and San Francisco have the exception too, feeding pigeons in these cities will bring you a hefty fine. The people believe that pigeons happen to damage monuments as well as health.
  • Similar to Ontario, shouting out loud any offensive word in Mexico is an offense. Additionally, throwing fireworks by hand during the holy week is also an illegal act.
  • Coming to Spain, wearing flip flops, and riding a bicycle or wearing swimwear at any place apart from beaches holds the fine where you will be charged.
  • Fond of photography? Little known about Australia, it’s illegal to click photos of some places such as inside certain areas of Australian airports, near prisons, and on military bases. Similar laws exist in France too, taking a picture with a police officer or police vehicles in the background is a penalty.
  • Talking about France, other unknown laws that are going to charge you with a penalty include, kissing while riding on a train or wearing bathing suits apart from speedo-style.
  • Collectors of shells and pebbles from coastal areas are going to have a tough time resisting the urge to collect these in Italy, as it's considered illegal. Also, if you are hungry, hold your hunger and step off the church’s stairs to eat.
  • Got tattooed? You must be lucky if it's not a Buddha tattoo because Buddha tattoo or even a selfie with Buddha statue remains banned in Sri Lanka. 
  • Around comparable to Switzerland’s illegal act of naked hiking. Public nudity and topless bathing aren’t encouraged in Fiji. To avoid jail, it’s better to keep your clothes on.

Read and research before you go on a vacation. To make your traveling smooth and unhindered by legal authorities, it’s a best practice to stick to the countries law along with your best behavior. Enjoy your stay and abide by the law. 
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