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King Island Tourism

King Island Tourism Unique Australian Experience in Tasmania

Jul 26, 2022 / Category : destination

Around Australia, there are a lot of places to see and experience. The country is blessed with an incredible culture, surf beaches, beautiful land, and unparalleled meals to savour.

However, if you love to explore the unexplored and untouched destinations of Australia, then King Island in Tasmania is worth visiting. From a huge golf area to the tallest lighthouse and beach near accommodations, the location can make your holiday a one-of-a-kind signature experience.

Are you planning a trip to KI? King Island tours, Tasmania can serve as the perfect backdrop for a memorable vacation.

Meanwhile, in this article, we have picked some great locations to visit while touring King Island.

  • King Island Cheese Dairy: Exploring dairy Cheese stores is a famous part of King Island tourism. An award-winning range of cheese varieties for complimentary tasting is available in the store. Do not miss the cheese platters that come with beer, coffee, or a glass of wine. King Island Cheese is quite famous and made with some special ingredients. If you are interested in learning about cheese recipes then the staff of the store is happy to answer. Complete your trip by visiting here to savour the taste of not-so-ordinary cheese. You can reach here with a 5-minute drive from the main King Island or a ten-minute walk across the country lane.

  • Seal Rocks: This destination is counted amongst the popular and most loved King Island tourist attractions. When in King Island, spend your day here at Seal Rocks by admiring the splendid beauty and serenity of nature. A rocky face like a sculpture that is descending steeply into the Southern Ocean will leave you awestruck. A breath-taking sight is just a short forest walk away where you can admire the 7000-old forest's calcified root systems. Probably echidnas are waiting for you as well there to photobomb your pictures on the island.

  • Disappointment Bay: Well, don't go by the name disappointment bay, you won't regret visiting the place. Back in 1835, there was a horrifying ship incident on this island, and from there the name was taken. Undoubtedly, the place is worth visiting and exploring solo or in a group. The high tides and unapologetic waves are here to welcome you with fun and thrill. One of the untouched and unexplored places to visit in King Island Tasmania is disappointment Bay. We advise you to spend a night there since several accommodation options are available. The beautiful King Island scenery is perfect to sit and enjoy a relaxed weekend.

  • King Island Rambles: Have you ever seen a platypus? There are ample King Islands tourist sightseeing spots, but seeing platypus is a unique experience. While in Tasmania, it’s advisable to visit KI Rambles and enjoy pleasant sceneries accompanied by tea. There are a few things to remember before going on the trip; wear hiking boots, carry walking sticks, and a camera. This short bush hike and a quiet river location tour can be enjoyable if you hire a personal travel host. With knowledge and experience, they will help you cover almost 72 sightseeing spots and observe sea eagles and wildlife creatures.

  • Boat House: How many times have you visited a restaurant that has no chef, no waiters, and no food services? It's time to plan an outing and visit the Boat House on King Island. Here, holidaymakers bring their own food, chill with booze and enjoy the simplicity of the views with friends and family. Amongst many King Islands attractions, this restaurant always holds a special place in a tourist's heart. Decorated in an ocean theme, the place has a radio, a lounge, and an epic view.

  • Bronzewing Cottages: Apart from hyperactive tourist destinations, relaxed and comfortable accommodation options also tempt many visitors around the world. With countless King Island places to stay, vacationers find it challenging to pick one that matches their budget and preferences. Bronzewing cottages in Naracoopa are a highly preferred choice amongst visitors. From basic utilities to luxury comfort, from beach views and impeccable food services, a quality accommodation service is promised here. Enjoy your evening walk alongside the Sea Elephant Bay and feel at home away from home.

  • Cape Wickham Lighthouse: Whenever vacationing in King Islands, make sure you cover Cape Wickham lighthouse located in Cape Wickham on King Island, Tasmania. Being the tallest lighthouse in Australia, travellers always include this in their travel itinerary. The Common Heritage Register included a 157ft long lighthouse in the record of popular attractions. Make sure you are fit enough to climb 11 timber flight stairs to reach the top. Here, you will discover small churches and gravestones of the people who sacrificed their life during shipwrecks. It is a small drive and an easy climb to the hill to reach the lighthouse. So, pack your favourite cheese platter from the dairy on your way.

  • Ocean Dunes Golf Course: It welcomes golfers around the world and allows them to put their golfing skills to the test. The beautiful rolling dunes of KI offer majestic golf views amongst three top-class golf courses. You can opt for tour packages to enjoy your play on this golf course. Ready-made and customized packages are available including stays, flights, and green fees. This is counted among the must-visit golf destinations for those who love to challenge themselves in the field of golf. Get yourself ready to experience the thrill and polish your golfing skills in the land of golf.

King Island is gaining attention worldwide among tourists. Since many travel companies are available to make your trip memorable, customize your trip for a great experience. Travelling to a new place is a cumbersome process due to various places to discover and bookings to make.

Travel agents allow you to spend an unforgettable holiday with lots of fun and memories, avoiding the logistic headache. Flight cancellation or booking issues are common problems. Fortunately, your agent can handle all these unwelcomed hassles without ruining your holiday.

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