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Enjoy the Regional Beauty of Australia Within your Budget

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

Nowadays, Australia is gaining immense popularity when it comes to holidays. People from all over the globe are visiting Australia to explore its natural beauty and creating eternal memories with their loved ones. This country offers an array of awe-inspiring activities, such as daytime walk to apostles, exotic wildlife creatures, and its magnificent landmarks.

Although, choosing places to visit in Australia is a tedious task, but fret not, we’ve got you covered with this list of best destinations across the country.

Whitsunday Islands, Queensland: If you are a beach lover, then you should visit here. It has some of the most beautiful beaches in the world offering a plethora of activities such as playing with sea turtles, sailing, witness rainbow-colored fish, and experience snorkeling. If you want the perfect time for vacationing at these islands, then plan your visit in September and experience the gorgeous sunny days with minimum rainfalls.

Great Barrier Reef:
There’s a good reason that this place is usually referred to as the most popular destination in Australia. One of the 7th natural wonders of the world, The Great Barrier Reef attracts divers from around the globe for a
once in a lifetime diving experience. No other place in the world has a coral reef system larger than this and it is said to be the largest living organism on earth. From newbie divers to certified snorkelers and avid swimmers, this
place is for everyone.

There’s nothing like having a perfect day trip to this island when you are in Brisbane. You can take a 75 minutes’ ferry ride to explore the world’s 3rd largest sand island. Other than diving and snorkeling, you can also feed the dolphins, take a cruise to watch whales and do sea kayaking. Everything on this Island can be
the new adventure for you so make sure you don’t leave this place out of your travel itinerary.   

Gold Coast:
This place is known to have the most iconic views in Australia. Annually, people travel here to spend quality time, enjoy the stunning nightlife, surfing, dining, shopping and much more. Also, car rental services are very affordable here, allowing people to explore the many attractions round the city. Gold Coast assures one of the best holiday
experiences in Australia.

Kangaroo Island:
Australia is the home of Kangaroos and this incredible island offers a wonderful tour for a couple of days to live and play alongside these creatures. This island is situated off the coast of South Australia. Here, in wildlife heaven, you will not only see Kangaroos but Seals, Koalas and Pelicans will also amuse you with their adorable actions. With a spectacular landscape, gorgeous sunsets and white sand beaches, you are guaranteed to have an amazing

Bendigo City: In Victoria, Bendigo
is a quite famous regional city that offers a vibrant culture, supreme places for dining, friendly locals and plenty of other attractions for tourists. This vintage place is flooded with art, heritage, events, festivals and architecture, surprising everyone with its versatility. Winter
s and Spring are the best time for a vacation in Bendigo City, Victoria. 

Cairns: To enjoy the best of Queensland, Cairns is the place to be. This town is quite famous amongst tourists, offering eternal beauty of gardens, sparkling palm-fringed streets and superb mud parks. Many tourists love to hire charter
boats and yachts to get an up-close and personal experience with the fishes and corals. Along with beaches and surfing, this exciting town has so much to offer like exploring the rainforest in a cable car, learning didgeridoo and enjoying cultural dances sitting around bonfire across the lake. 

Perth Hills:
Your trip to Australia won’t be complete unless you visit Perth Hills. Of course, Perth has hills, which is technically called as Darling Range. Here, you can enjoy little gateways with your family while wandering in the bushes with Kangaroos, eating traditional cuisine or enjoying mountain biking.

Well, it is cumbersome to decide which place to choose for holidaying since Australia packs a lot of surprises. All the above-listed destinations might convince you to add Australia, as the next holiday destination, to your bucket list.  BMT is the perfect holiday planner to plan your leisure time in Australia for a comfortable and affordable holiday.

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