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Famous Food Places in NSW

Check out the Famous Food Places in NSW

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

New South Wales is a beautiful place in Australia famous for its coastal cities, which are full of gorgeous cafes, restaurants and bars. If you are a fan of savouring exquisite meals and drinking distinguished liquor, then NSW offers everything you could wish for. We understand that with numerous options and unending listing on the internet, it is hard to find the right restaurants or bars.

Well, every other place claims to be unique these days. However, for food lovers, it is essential to know about the handpicked spots that offer unparalleled service and dining experience.

We have put together a list of the best of the best in NSW for you. Whether you are planning to party, have an intimate dinner, craving for delicacies or need a place to hang out. Trust us, you can never go wrong with the below choices.

  • Bondi iceberg Club/restaurant:Bondi iceberg swimming club is the talk of the Sydney town. Being a one-of-a-kind property, it offers an excellent Bistro, a swimming pool and a picturesque setting right by the seaside. The club is situated at Bondi beach and was first established in 1929. You can sit indoors or enjoy the panoramic views outdoors. It is perfect for a family lunch, a romantic dinner or just a casual dine out. The menu is full of modern Australian dishes and the seafood platter is a must-try. Additionally, it offers vegetarian and gluten-free options for diners along with an elite wine collection. The club has ample space for weddings, social gatherings and corporate events. If you enjoy casual bistro dining and extravagant views, then this place is surely the right choice for you.

  • Sky Terrace: Sky Terrace can effortlessly make it into the list of top bars in NSW. The rooftop bar is aesthetic and modern, overlooking a magnificent view of Sydney and the harbour. Undoubtedly, an exciting place that is perfect for weekend fun is Pyrmont. Spend your happy hours of boozing and dancing while enjoying a scintillating ambience. It is also extremely popular amongst tourist and you can easily make new friends here. Also, the spacious set-up is perfect for large groups of friends partying together. The bar is located on the rooftop of The Star Casino in Sydney and has numerous other attractions. It is the ultimate party destination in NSW.

  • Quay Restaurant:Both lip-smacking food and eye-soothing views are available here. This restaurant is located at Overseas Passenger Terminal, offering various dining options accompanied by impeccable service by its staff. The restaurant is designed to deliver an authentic Australian dining experience serving contemporary Australian cuisine. It’s going to be a meal that you will surely remember for life. It is one of the celebrated Australian restaurants and has earned a place in the world’s top 50 restaurants multiple times. The restaurant reopened in July 2018 after a long overhaul. You can enjoy the serene view of Sydney’s Opera house as you dig into the delicacies served by the restaurant. If you are an admirer of the fine dining experience then look no further, this restaurant is perfect for you.

  • NOLA Smokehouse & Bar: NOLA Smokehouse & Bar was established in 2k17 and it has been keeping up with its prestigious name. The place offers an exquisite dining plus bar experience in the International Towers. Fusing the American whiskeys and New Orleans culture combined with exceptional service, NOLA smokehouse is a treat for steak lovers. If you are looking for some American fun, then this is a perfect choice. The supreme quality of food and views of Jones bay are things that entice the visitors. The food is immersed in beautiful textures and a distinct aroma, enhancing the pleasure of eating. Be sure to make a reservation and be ready for a unique culinary experience in New South Wales.

  • Grounds of Alexandria: Well, it is hard to describe the Grounds of Alexandria in a single word. It is not only a restaurant but also a great café, florist and a bakery. It is situated on Huntley Street in Alexandria. You cannot get enough of this place and it can take up a full day to explore. It is built on the location of an old Pie factory and has now become an iconic spot. The “Special Coffee” served here is famous in all of New South Wales. The place boasts of an organic garden as well. Additionally, the Potting Shed has an in-house bar so that you can have a soothing drink after a long day at work. Also, you can host events, parties or weddings here. The premise keeps on redecorating with new plants and always feels fresh and new, no matter how many times you visit.

  • Papa Gede’s Bar: Papa Gede’s is famous for its Voodoo themed set-up, which definitely stands out amongst the bars in NSW. It is truly a hidden gem of the city located on Kent Street in Sydney. It is a small yet vibrant space to hang out and let loose with friends. The place boasts of an unconventional and inventive drinks menu. The cocktails served here are going to make you forget about every other bar. We can’t say if it is witchcraft or extraordinary management, but Papa Gede’s bar has maintained a remarkable level of rapport with its customers. Moreover, Papa Gede plays host to a monthly comedy night featuring famous comedy stars from Australia and other parts of the world. Although, being at this bar is always a fun experience but if you want to have the best time then plan for the comedy night.

  • Matinee Coffee: Are you a coffee lover? Then this old-school looking café at Marrickville NSW, promises to make you Nostalgic. The staff is friendly, full of energy and always ready to serve. No wonder the delicacies served here are heavenly! It is an ideal destination for hanging out with friends, celebrating birthdays or chilling out on your own. From Persian rice pilaf to pork cassoulet, from popcorn chicken to falafels and house-made desserts, the place will also leave your taste buds awe-struck.

Wrapping up!

Good food always lightens the mood. Our advice is to be a little more experimental in your life and try out these eateries. We can bet that you will have a wonderful time and love all of them.

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