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Tourist Attractions in Northern Territory

Check Out 9 Unseen Tourist Attractions in Northern Territory Australia

May 05, 2022 / Category : destination

Have a Remarkable trip to Australia...

Life becomes dull and mundane if there are no holidays. It’s always fascinating to have lots of vacation memories to be shared with your Insta, SC and FB fans and to be cherished for a lifetime with family and friends. Exploring the world, understanding different cultures, trying out traditional cuisines and living every moment to the fullest is the quintessence of Life.

Holidays always bring happiness and thrill to your life. But, a holiday in Australia will stay in your heart forever. The gorgeous beauty of the land, the abundance of wildlife creatures, the amusement of Aboriginal custodians and its historic culture always seem magical.

Bring out the holiday-lover in you and explore top destinations in the Northern Territory of Australia.

Undoubtedly, every bit of Australia is attractive and worth visiting. So, this time let’s explore tourist attractions in Australia’s northern territory.

  • Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park: With the abundance of Tourist Attractions in Australia's Northern Territory, Uluru offers incredible holiday experiences. Both sites, Uluru and Kata Tjuta, are amazing and every corner is picturesque. Experience the world’s largest sandstone monolith (Uluru) along with 36 giant domes (Kata Tjuta). Get the opportunity to witness ancient wisdom through gigantic rock formations. Meet closely with the broad range of friendly animals and observe the diverse plants expo. Don’t be amazed to hear creation stories as the Tjukurpa tell the tale and enjoy an awe-inspiring evening.

  • Kakadu National Park: The biggest national park in Australia is just a short drive away from Darwin. In the lap of natural diversity, explore the fascinating beauty of ecosystems and landscapes. You will love the native animal population over there, which will add more fun to your holiday. This Park runs in partnership with its old custodians, also it’s a cultural home for Aboriginal people. Although there are lots of places to visit in the Northern Territory, Australia, here you will discover incredible visual treats. From waterfalls to sandstone, from lush billabongs to refreshing pools, don’t miss this epic level thrill.

  • Mindil Beach: When it comes to choosing top destinations in the Northern Territory of Australia, Darwin stands out. While exploring Darwin, pay a visit to Mindil Beach to enhance your experience exponentially. Popular for serving slurp spicy noodles in town, and the aroma of sizzling satay, the place is a treat for the tongue. Explore the variety of performances by locals at Mindil Beach Sunset Market. If you don’t want to miss out on the fun, free your Thursday or Sunday evenings from your work calendar. Buy colourful souvenirs, immaculate presents, be amused by a bunch of entertainment events and light up in the electrifying environment.

  • Sunset Dining Cruise: Finding romantic destinations in Australia's Northern Territory? We advise you to give a shot at the unique experience of a sunset dinner cruise in Darwin. Whether you want to celebrate your love or rejuvenate your bond, this cruise offers the epitome of human connection. In the heart of the city’s warm usual evening, savour the traditional seafood while watching the soulful sunset. Catch the 2.5 hours cruise from Stokes Hill Wharf and make it your best evening date ever. Enjoy the magical moments and admire the city filled with twinkling lights and blending colours of the sunset.

  • Simpsons Gap: Macdonnell Ranges are considered to be the must-visit tourist attractions in Northern Territory. Just a few kilometres away from Alice Springs, you can find the splendid Simpsons Gap for experiencing the rugged topography. Explore plains and dunes, big river eucalyptus trees and the white sand area. Watch permanent waterholes at rugged cliffs, which look gorgeous during the late afternoon. While exploring the walking trails, be greeted by rock wallabies during the morning and late afternoons. Make sure to cover Cassia Hill and capture magnificent scenic views of the Larapinta Valley.

  • The Alice Springs Desert Park: When picking out of the many places to visit in Northern Territory, Australia, we strongly recommend the desert park. Since it is the most fun and adventurous safari park, there won’t be any disappointments. From geeks to families, from adults to children, this place has got everyone covered. Firstly, chill at the safari park and later explore the natural history museum. A pleasing combination of fun and learning. Not to mention, the desert is full of diversity, big nocturnal houses and lots of kangaroos, emus and walk-thru aviaries are waiting for you.

  • Flynn’s Grave: One of the favourite tourist attractions in Australia's Northern Territory is Flynn’s Grave. After walking a few hundred meters from Desert Park, you will reach John Flynn’s memorial grave. He founded Royal Flying Doctor Service (another attraction in Alice Springs). A massive stone-like sculpture, where ashes of John Flynn interred. Learn how the original rock was picked by Devils Marbles, without informing Aboriginal custodians. Additionally, walk out here as a hiker and explore Mount Gillen, the peak behind the grave.

  • The Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS): Fortunately, now you can add this attraction to your adventurous list of tourist attractions in Australia's Northern Territory. The small yet interesting town, Alice Springs is the heart of the Royal Flying Doctor Service network. Paying your visit here to this centre will complete your trip to the Northern Territory. Interesting things are on display in the museum and holographic theatre to entertain you. On the “Live to Air” screen, you will discover the astonishing locations of all RFDS planes, hence a self-guided tour is recommended. Later on, chill at the best café at the museum under shady ground or shop something memorable from the gift shop.

  • utitjulu Waterhole: Out of several hidden destinations in Australia's Northern Territory, Mutitjulu Waterhole is a perfect choice. Famous orange rock can be seen while hiking the thrilling outback trails of Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park. This thirst-quenching hotspot is covered with a massive silhouette and jutting rock, making it a must-visit iconic destination. While walking, enjoy the calm water surface that reflects sandstone walls covered with sunlight. Lastly, don’t miss the significant prehistoric rock paintings.

Hope you have found your ideal tourist attractions to hang out. Still, not sure what to pick and where to head? Well, travelling companies come into the picture at this point. Discuss your preferences about the most-loved tourist attractions in Northern Territory and get yourself a custom-made itinerary within your budget. Gift yourself a life full of holidays and choose Australia as your destination.

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