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the city has made a benchmark by banning plastic grocery bags

Best Green Cities Around The World

Mar 15, 2019 / Category : destination

Environment is an important part of our lives. Life on Earth is not possible without environment conservation. The Mother Nature nurtures us and makes the environment habitable for humans as well as animals. But over the past few decades humanity has witnessed an excessive decrease and depreciation of natural resources due to which the quality and span of human life has decreased. Keeping in view the importance of human life and environment conservation some countries around the world have proved that environment and co-operate life can go hand in hand if we adopt an environmental friendly development strategy. The countries that are not only spreading environmental awareness around the world but also proving that nature and scientific development can go together are;

Amsterdam, The Netherlands; Amsterdam is famous for its nature friendly environment and use of bicycles. The city is world-famous for its bicycle friendly environment. The city has more number of bicycles than people. In the city 38% of the traffic is by bicycles. Biking not only ensures an environment healthy atmosphere but also guarantees healthier population by reducing pollution and the level of carbon omission.

Copenhagen, Denmark; the city is setting a benchmark by proving to be an eco -friendly yet achieving sustainable number of employment. The city places environment conservation as its first priority by pioneering and implementing environmental friendly goals. The city has clear waterways that made it won the European Environmental award in 2006. It purposes to be CO2 free by 2025.

San Francisco, California USA; the city has made a benchmark by banning plastic grocery bags. It has become America’s leader in producing solar energy. The city inhabits eco-friendly strategy by incorporating and promoting recycling in art and lifestyle.

Bristol, England; Bristol bears the title of Europe’s greenest city in 2015 survey. The city has increased the number of recycling services for household waste. The number of bicycles has increased to a greater extent over the past few years. The city gives importance to environment protection by establishing center for sustainable energy, Sustrans and soil association.

Stockholm, Sweden; Stockholm aims at sustainability of life by encouraging cycling and organic food market. The city promotes environmental technology and its fashion brand H&M is famous for their environment friendly as they use organic cotton to make their clothes.

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