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News, Announcements & Winners

Rates offer first A-380 Christchurch services!

Emirates A-380 will fly five times daily between Dubai & New Zealand from 30th October 2016 onwards.

Emirates is the first airline to introduce regular scheduled A380 services from Christchurch. With the removal of en-route stopover at Bangkok, It is surely an upgrade from Boeing’s 777-300ERs. This service allows the passenger to fly between Christchurch and Dubai with just one stop over at Sydney.

Introduction of this new service also means that Sydney based travelers will be having myriad choices of routings and timings now on A380 flights.

Not only this, emirates 380 offers luxurious services such as luxury suites, onboard spa facility to its first class passengers. Passengers in all the other classes can enjoy the culinary delights. Free Wifi is available for all the passengers.

Australian Airlines May Charge You Extra For Being Over-Sized

Yes! You heard it right. US airlines have been charging more for passengers who are unable to fit comfortably into a seat with both armrests down. They are required to purchase another ticket for traveling. In case,they refuse to do so then, they are not allowed to board the plane.

Till now Qantas and Virgin Australia Airlines were not charging for a passenger being oversized to fit into a seat. This is a sensitive issue which no one wants to discuss but passengers who were forced to sit and share their seat with an oversized fellow passenger are complaining about the issue.

The aviation industry is already aware of the issue but there’s very little that can be done in regard to this issue. Australian Civil Aviation Safety Authority is in process of fixing the "maximum weight balance" with standard passenger weights as 81-86 kg for men, and 66-71 kg for women.

How to apply for a Visa when you are planning to make a trip to India ?

If you live abroad and planning to visit India soon then you needs to apply for Indian visa. Here, in this article we have mentioned some of the most important details that you should know before applying to Indian visa; First of all we would like to mention that the citizens of Indian neighboring countries such as Nepal and Bhutan do not need to apply for Indian visa, except these two countries all visitors require an Indian visa to travel here.

There are several kinds of visas such as, tourist, business, student, journalist, employment and several others, so the requirement varies according to your preferred visa. But let just assume that you need a tourist visa to travel India. So if the duration of your travel is for 30 days or fewer, you can apply online for e-tourist visa.

Things that you need to apply online for visa are listed below:

  1. First, you need to fill up an online application form which you can browse by typing; how to apply for e-tourist visa in India.
  2. Then you need to upload your passport photo page along with your recent photo.
  3. An e-generated email will be send to your email declaring that your application has been submitted and you require taking a print out of that email with you while travelling to India.
  4. You can apply for e-visa 4 to 30 days prior to your arrival to India.
  5. Your passport must have at least six months validity prior to your arrival in India.
  6. Travelers of Pakistani origin or with Pakistan passport require applying for regular visa at India mission.
  7. An individual cannot issue a single e-visa for his whole family; a single e-visa is applicable just to a single individual.
  8. An Australian passport holder needs to pay US$60 (approx... AU$81) at the time of applying as a part of their application form. However, the fee varies from country to country depending on their prior arrangements with Indian government.
  9. You can also pay the fee from your debit/credit card or by postal order to “VFS Services Australia Pty Ltd.”
  10. The e-visa is valid at 16 designated airports in India that includes; Delhi, Goa, Jaipur, Mumbai, Kolkata etc.

You can also make changes to your personal information by contacting direct to government of India on +91-11-24300666. And if you processed the e-visa directly then you can contact the officials directly and you can get their no. from https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/index.html website. After printing the application form, you’re required to provide the details of your whereabouts in Australia; you can check which Indian Mission applies to you on the “Checklist and Applications Forms”.

The next step after this is you need to book an appointment to Passport and Visa Application centre for further enquiry and related jurisdiction. The submission time includes 3 to 5 working days between 8.30a.m to 3p.m and you can collect your visa between 12p.m to 3p.m Monday to Friday. However, if you are unable to visit the Passport and Visa Application centre in person then you can also send off your documents via post to the address that applies to you which you can check from “Checklist and Applications Forms”. It is advised that do not send self-addressed envelopes as they aren’t entertained and will be returned to you via courier.

If you are planning to stay up for more than six months and you’ve already had at least two trips to India within the same year then you have to apply a fresh again for Indian visa. The above mentioned checklist also implies in this case also along with some changes depending on the status of your visit and your requirements.

After the successful completion of the online process, you can get your e-visa after 72 hours of completion of online process and if you can’t wait that long then you can get it in 24 hours by opting for rush service. The Indian government accepts the online application for e-visa 33 days prior to your arrival in India. One important thing to keep in mind is about the validity of your e-visa is that your e-visa is valid to 30 days from the date of your arrival in India. Another important thing that I consider worthy of mentioning is that as long as your.

Indian Visitors To Hong Kong To Require Pre-Registration For Travel
As per an official announcement made by the Immigration Department of Hong Kong on 12 December 2016, Indian nationals intending to travel to Hong Kong will now be required to complete online pre-arrival registration before visiting Hong Kong visa-free from next month.

Indian nationals arriving in Hong Kong on or after 23 January 2017 must apply for and complete online pre-arrival registration before enjoying their 14-day visa-free visit, or entering Hong Kong during transit.

Holders of an Indian diplomatic or official passport or a Hong Kong Travel Pass are exempted from this requirement.

Indian nationals who are enrolled as frequent visitors using the e-Channel service are also exempted, subject to their e-Channel permission being valid.

The pre-arrival registration for Indian nationals platform will be launched on December 19, 2016. The registration is free of cost. The computer system will display the result instantly once the registration is made.

Latest News

Qantas is moving to Terminal 8 at New York JFK International Airport

On 3 April 2018, Qantas will be relocating from Terminal 7 to Terminal 8 at New York's JFK International Airport. Qantas will share the terminal with partner American Airlines, enabling customers transiting through JFK to connect to onward flights more easily. Following the move, all Qantas flights to and from Los Angeles International Airport will arrive at and depart from New York JFK Terminal 8.


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